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Fixing the Old & Crooked: Can You Get Braces as an Adult?

March 21, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Nancy @ 9:24 am
A smiling man with adult braces

Like many, you may assume braces are something only kids get. Plenty of people see the brackets and wires (or clear aligners) as part of modern-day childhood. Still, your old, crooked smile could prompt a big question: Can you get braces as an adult? The answer to this query is crucial – it’ll affect your grin’s long-term future. Luckily, your Ripon orthodontist is here to address your concerns. Read on to learn why you can and should get adult braces.

Braces Don’t Have an Upper Age Limit

Certainly, braces are often given to kids and teens. They work faster when the jawbones are growing through childhood and adolescence. However, braces don’t have an upper age limit; there’s never a time when they won’t work.

You see, teeth continue to shift as people age. Braces can always adjust them by putting them under enough pressure. At most, this process just gets a bit slower for adults. Fully-grown people have more solid bones that aren’t as quickly moved. So, it often takes a bit longer to straighten adult teeth.

Why Bother With Adult Braces?

While wearing them can involve hassles, adult braces are always a great option. They have a whole host of worthwhile benefits. Such perks tend to include the following:

Better Oral Health

‌Even as braces make your teeth look nicer, they also improve oral health. Using them would make your teeth and gums more vibrant for years.

If you didn’t know, it’s hard to brush and floss crooked teeth. Plaque and bacteria build up in these pearly whites’ hard-to-reach spots. That said, braces fix this issue by straightening out your teeth. It’s then easier to keep your whole smile clean and fresh. The alignment work also reduces the risk of enamel loss and TMJ problems.

More Confidence

Young or old, people can feel self-conscious about their looks. Braces ease this anxiety by getting rid of crooked and gapped teeth.

 When you know your teeth are straight, it’s easy to have confidence and a good body image. These things translate to better relationships with your friends and family. Even better, your aligned grin may motivate you to pursue career advances, romance, and more. A straight smile often leaves you feeling like the sky is the limit.

Varied Options/Choices

Today’s braces aren’t limited to the usual metal brackets and wires. Should you try them now, you’d have far more options to choose from.

Aside from metal braces, several other kinds exist. One example is the ceramic, tooth-colored braces that easily blend with your smile. On the other hand, there are also Invisalign aligners – clear trays that can be removed as needed. Some dentists even offer lingual braces, which adhere to the back of your teeth instead of the front.

So, can you get braces as an adult? Yes – and you’d be wise to do so soon! Talk to your orthodontic provider today about a possible treatment.

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