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Reasons to Wear Your Retainer After Orthodontic Treatment 

April 4, 2022

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woman holding retainer

It’s time to share your new smile with the world! The braces or attachments are off and it’s a spectacular feeling! To maintain your results, however, your orthodontist in Ripon mentioned the need for you to wear retainers. There are several reasons why this matters so much after your treatment is completed.  Keep reading to learn why orthodontists recommend a retainer.

Protect the Investment You Already Made 

Your orthodontic treatment involved using “pressure” to align your teeth into new-and-improved locations. When you get your braces off or finish your last set of clear aligners, your teeth could quickly return to their original locations because the bone in the area is not fully healed or “set.” Wearing your retainer, especially during this early aftercare period, is crucial to keep the beautiful results achieved during your treatment. Don’t let all your hard work and effort go to waste because you decided not to wear your retainer.

Now You Have Straight Teeth – Keep It That Way 

Many things contribute to tooth alignment. Even if you have had braces in the past and your teeth have settled into place, it is still possible for them to move or shift in the future. As people age, so do their bodies, faces, and bones or other supporting structures. 

Teeth in the back of the mouth tend to move forward and cause crowding in the front. This can happen to anyone, even if you have always had perfectly straight teeth your whole life. By wearing your retainer often, you are keeping your smile from changing in the future.

Save Time and Money Over the Long Haul  

Many of us have learned, from previous experience, that if we do not wear our retainers for the long term, our teeth shift.  Sometimes the teeth have shifted enough that we no longer like their appearance. If this happens, it means orthodontic treatment AGAIN!  No one looks forward to retreating a case, so the best way to safeguard against this is consistent and nightly wear of retainers.

If you just finished your orthodontic regimen, remember that nightly retainer wear is now part of your normal routine! In order to maintain your long-term results, save money, and prevent further movement, you should be wearing your retainer as directed going forward.

One other important note:  If you are an adult and possibly had orthodontic treatment in the past, you can always come to our office for a NEW SET OF RETAINERS!  We are happy to check your teeth and make recommendations tailor-made to your needs. Give us a call!

About the Author 

Dr. Frances Hamman is the orthodontist in Ripon you can trust with your family’s smiles. She earned her dental doctorate from Creighton University and then attained her degree in orthodontics from Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Hamman served on active duty in the United States Navy for six years. By wearing a retainer, her patients preserve their orthodontic results and protect their smiles from the changes that occur over time. If you have questions about retainers, Dr. Hamman will be happy to discuss them with you during a complimentary consultation which you can schedule on her website or by calling (920) 748-7130. 

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